Schools of Care

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Empowering Self-Care

Schools of Care is a unique system of support designed to encourage self-care in our schools. Self-care is a necessary and vital instrument required to limit attrition in the teaching profession. It is vitally needed as 77% of teachers in Texas have “thought seriously” about leaving the profession (CBF, 2022).

Bridging the Gap

Teachers have little time to engage in self-care activities. While school leaders understand self-care limits teacher attrition, many times, the opportunities available through the school do not fit the teachers’ needs or culture.

Professional Development for Well-being

Schools of Care offers professional development opportunities, including the needs of the whole person by honoring the body, mind, heart, and spirit of each person in the school community. Self-care is different for everyone. Each person finds different activities motivating, engaging, or stress relieving. This means one size fits all self-care activities, designed without the opportunity to choose engagement levels, do not work.

A Tailored Approach

The good news is ESC Region 13 has created Schools of Care, a professional development opportunity designed with intention to build individualized self-care for staff and students. Steven Covey once said, “Leadership is about unleashing the whole person toward compelling, inspiring, and worthwhile goals.” ESC Region 13 is providing a unique opportunity to improve self-care for all stakeholders in the school community.