T-TESS Appraiser Calibration Training

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T-TESS Appraiser Calibration Training is designed to provide participants with a deeper dive into the calibration process, allow them to engage in multiple calibration opportunities using a rubric and two different protocols, and continue to hone scripting and evidence collecting skill sets.

Participants will explore calibration as a process based on best practices and an ongoing system of checks and balances to be implemented with fidelity. Opportunities will be provided for participants to consider the application in their own setting. Participants will be able to support the implementation in their own setting following the training.

This half-day training will support Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) cohorts with Success Factor Four: Strongly Calibrated Teacher Observation System. It will also support strong calibration for any rubric or evaluation system for all districts and campuses, including those who are not participating in TIA.