TAPR Presentation Build (Service + Consult)

  • Custom Dates
  • $300

Looking for help with TAPR?

Districts and campuses comb through Texas Academic Performance Reports (TAPR) every year, eventually compiling the data into a robust presentation to share with campus and district stakeholders. The TAPR Presentation Build offers the service of preparing your district or campus's TAPR presentation, saving days of valuable time and effort.

The prepared presentation includes:

  • a ready-made PowerPoint that serves as a platform to easily convey the data reported in your TAPR
  • clearly outlined CCMR readiness indicators, participation, attendance, dropout, and graduation rates, and slides for district/campus profile information
  • for interested clients, accompanying consultations regarding the presentation and data therein, ranging from 1 to 3 hours.

Because of the time needed to build a ready-made TAPR presentation, we're limiting this offering to 15 purchases. Once 15 purchases have been made, this offering will be sold-out!

For districts and campuses interested in utilizing the template and building their TAPR presentation independently, we're pleased to offer a PowerPoint template for free.