Targeted Instruction and Support for Migratory Students

  • Sept-Aug
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Migratory students face unique challenges when it comes to academic achievement and ESC Region 13 MEP is committed to providing them with the targeted instruction and support they need to succeed. We offer services designed to help migratory students in grades K-12 improve their reading and math skills, access academic resources, and achieve their academic goals.

Needs-Based Supplemental Instruction

One key aspect of our support is coordinating and providing needs-based supplemental reading and/or math instruction to migratory students in grades K-12. We use the results of disaggregated formal and informal assessments to identify areas where students need additional support and tailor our instruction accordingly. This instruction is offered during regular and summer terms to help students stay on track academically.

Academic Tools and Resources Training

We also coordinate and provide training and support to migratory students on using academic tools and resources. This includes training on using calculators, tablets, laptops, and online programs to help students succeed in reading and math.

Targeted Instruction for High School Students

We offer appropriate and targeted supplemental instruction for migratory students in grades 9-12 to help them succeed. This includes student orientation, tutoring in core content areas, statewide student assessment tutorials, and instruction in reading and math.

Additional Programs

In addition to these services, we offer a range of other programs to support migratory students. These include Project SMART, A Bright Beginning (ABB), and the Early Literacy Migrant Program.