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As reading and writing are foundational to school success, TEA is working to ensure that all Texas students have access to high-quality reading and writing instruction and highly-effective teachers. House bill 3 requires that all K-3 teachers and administrators complete the TXRA training within 3 years: 2020-2021, 2021-2022, and 2023.

Our specialists are here to guide you through this process

As a TEA Authorized Provider for Texas Reading Academies, Region 13 can enter into an MOU/contract directly with your district.

We know that you have lots of choices for authorized providers. We also know that this process can seem overwhelming. Our team has taken the time to simplify the task of successfully launching your academies. We are committed to communicating new information as it becomes available. Our dedicated team of instructional coaches stands ready to help with any model that you choose whether implemented by district or ESC. Let us be your authorized provider.

Cohort Leaders

Our cohort leaders are selected and hired by our Texas Reading Academy team and are the lead facilitators for the new K-3 Reading Academies.
Visit TEA's Cohort Leaders Overview


  1. Pass the Cohort Leader screening
  2. Attend TEA 3-day virtual training
  3. Complete a week’s worth of pre-work prior to their training date (Training dates are assigned by TEA/Region 11. Pre-work will be sent to cohort leaders after registration by the AP). Pre-work is an introduction to the modules prior to the deeper dive into the training.


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