Year-Round Migratory Student Data Collection and Entry

  • Sept-Aug
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As outlined in the Texas Data Management Requirement Manual for NGS & Migrant Student Information Exchange (MSIX), migratory student data collection and data entry in the TX-New Generation System (TXNGS) must be conducted year-round. ESC Region 13 offers services to help districts comply with these requirements and effectively manage migratory student data.

TXNGS Data Processing

One key aspect of our support is processing all district data as required by the Texas New Generation System (TXNGS) Guidelines. Our team is well-versed in the complex requirements of the system and can help your district ensure that all necessary data is entered accurately and on time.

Priority for Service Report

In addition to data processing, we also provide a TXNGS Priority for Service Report. This report prioritizes services for migratory students based on their needs and can help your district allocate resources more effectively.

Member District PFS Coordination

Our team also coordinates plans for Member District PFS (Priority for Service) students and monitoring. We understand that PFS students have unique needs, and we work closely with districts to ensure they receive the support and services they require to succeed.