Data Symposium

  • ESC Region 13
  • 6 CPE Credits
  • $125

Impactful Instruction: Leveraging Data for Student Success

Looking to take your instruction to the next level and help your students achieve greater success? Our upcoming symposium, "Impactful Instruction: Leveraging Data for Student Success," is the perfect opportunity for you!

Featuring a lineup of expert speakers and presenters, our symposium is designed to help educators like you harness the power of data to improve student outcomes and drive impactful instruction. Whether you're a teacher or a Campus/District leader, the symposium will provide you with valuable insights, tools, and strategies for using data to inform your instruction and achieve better results for your students.

With a focus on practical, actionable solutions, our conference will explore a range of topics, including data analysis system & processes, student performance metrics, data-informed instructional strategies, and more. You'll have the opportunity to participate in engaging discussions and hands-on workshops, learn from real-world case studies, and network with other educators and experts from around the state.

So don't wait – register now and join us for an inspiring and informative conference that will help you become a more impactful and effective educator. Together, we can leverage the power of data to help our students succeed and thrive!