Content Area Facilitated Planning

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Our coaches partner with individual teachers or teams to provide coherent guidance while planning for instruction and formative assessment. We utilize the Understanding By Design (UBD) planning model for a structured and collaborative use of data to inform instruction and embed research-based practices. Our goal is to support and build teacher capacity in sustainable organizational routines.

Our coaches will collaborate with your teachers to:

  • Set intentions for learning and collaboration.
  • Review curriculum documents to determine current understandings.
  • Analyze student data & determine current reality.
  • Identify focus standards.
  • Unpack focus standards to calibrate understandings.

(Depth of UBD Planning)

  • Identify and/or create student progress measures (evidence of learning).
  • Identify and/or create conceptual questions.
  • Identify and/or create pacing guide or learning progression.
  • Identify & vet or create resources and instructional materials.
  • Identify and discuss instructional strategies and delivery.
  • Create structured lesson plans that reflect collaborative plan.