English Learner Program Support: Compliance and Enhancement

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Supporting all of our multilingual students in bilingual and ESL programs across the region is one of our primary goals, and that starts with supporting you with your programs. The foundation of this support begins with the LPAC and Title III requirements that are set by the state and federal guidelines. We understand the importance of a solid foundation for your programs which enables you to strive towards enhancements that will provide the best services available. Our team is always available to provide answers and support in the basic laws and guidelines for bilingual and ESL programs, and, then to support your district in the next steps for program enhancement.

Our bilingual and ESL specialists will meet with your campus leaders, teachers, and stakeholders to review your current program and services, then develop new strategies and support systems to enhance your current practices and programs. This support is custom-crafted for the unique needs of your campus or district and can include activities such as reviewing folders to identify growth opportunities in the area of LPAC compliance practices, observing classrooms to identify strengths and weaknesses in instruction, and/or sitting down with administrators and teachers to create a plan of program development.