ESF Diagnostic Process

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Fine-tune your campus or district plans for continuous improvement with an Effective Schools Framework (ESF) Diagnostic!

The ESF Diagnostic Process is a collaborative approach to school improvement that changes the conversation from products and quick fixes to strategic key practices and long-term solutions. And because it's aligned to best practices outlined by TEA, you can rest assured that your efforts will lead to measurable results.

How it works:

Our trained ESF facilitators collaborate with campus and district leaders in the use of a variety of data collection methods to gather feedback on eight Essential Actions:

  • Develop campus instructional leaders (principal, assistant principal, counselors, and teacher leaders) with clear roles and responsibilities
  • Compelling and aligned vision, mission, goals, and values focused on a safe environment, high expectations, and rigorous instruction
  • Recruit, select, assign, induct, and retain a full staff of highly qualified educators
  • Explicit school-wide behavioral expectations and culture routines
  • Daily use of high-quality instructional materials
  • Professional development for effective classroom instruction
  • Build teacher capacity through observation and feedback cycles
  • Data-driven instruction

The team of ESF facilitators and school leaders then uses this data to determine a few high-leverage focus areas that will improve student and staff learning. This customized and unbiased approach provides a plan with clear action steps to guide work throughout the school year.

And finally, our ESF facilitators can provide connections to capacity builders who can help implement changes for gaps found in the ESF Diagnostic.

So get started on creating a clear vision of the next steps for your improvement efforts today!