MakerHappen: Onsite Makerspace Professional Development

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What is a School Makerspace?

A school makerspace is where students come together to build, tinker, explore, and invent. Makerspaces create lasting meaning, foster innovation, and make a positive impact.

A makerspace is not defined by the tools available or the size of the actual space, but by the pedagogy involved in enabling students to innovate and create. Best practice is to design maker opportunities that align to curriculum, define the objective/intent, but do not confine creativity or choreograph the outcome. The most critical factor in a successful, sustainable school makerspace is implementation of the learning culture and community.

Bringing Makerspaces to your school

Our MakerHappen team can provide customized, Makerspace professional development for your staff. We bring the hands-on learning experience to you. Workshop content is created to meet the specific needs of a district/campus staff based on the collaboration between our team and our regional partners.