Mobile Labs: Field Trips

  • Custom Dates
  • Half Day- $500
  • Single Day $1,000
  • Two Week- $3,500

Career and technology educational programs expand student access to academic and workplace skills by providing additional opportunities to earn college credits and industry certification.

Our mobile lab is a portable classroom outfitted with the equipment needed to teach students the critical skills necessary in Texas to maintain a competitive edge in a global economy. We offer single day and multi-day field trips to our mobile lab located in Austin, Texas.

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Single Day Field Trip

Designed for full or half-day uses, our CTE specialist and instructor will provide the curriculum and instruction for students attending.

Two-Week Field Trip

Designed as an extended hands-on introductory course, our CTE specialist and instructor will provide the mobile lab, consumables, health science curricula, training, and assistance for any staff to operate our mobile lab over the course of two weeks.