Mobile Lab: Health Science

  • Custom Dates
  • One semester foundation course- $27,000
  • Extended two-week field trip- $5,500
  • Full day field trip- $1,000

Expanding your students' workplace skills and their job-related skill set can be a financially challenging task, even for the biggest districts throughout Texas.

Our Mobile Lab makes career based education easier and more financially efficient for districts and campuses throughout the region. Our portable classroom is outfitted with the medical equipment your students will need to maintain a competitive edge in the global healthcare economy.

We work with your campuses and districts to provide an extended, in district, field trip experience that provides your students with college readiness and workplace skills by linking education to the healthcare industry.

How it works

We'll work with you to design a five-week project-based curriculum focused on the healthcare industry. You'll get three weeks of pre and post-instruction in a district classroom, and two weeks of skill based practice in our mobile lab.

A short one-hour curriculum will be developed for middle and elementary school classes to explore healthcare careers and human physiology.

We'll keep the mobile lab stocked with all the consumables you'll need, train your staff on using the portable classroom and the curriculum, and provide any technical assistance or maintenance needed. Oh yeah, and we'll drive our mobile lab straight to you and pick it up once your program is finished!

View our pathways

See how we can help you every step of the way as you develop a health science program that works for your students. Check out our pathways guide to see what steps you'll take to build a program.