The Prepare Program for Behavior Intervention

  • 8 days
  • $5,000

Our Prepare curriculum is a versatile program that can be used to support students in Structured Learning Environments, or students participating in an inclusion program.

Over the course of three days, you'll learn the entire research-based curriculum that addresses the deficits students are facing. We'll cover the considerations you'll need to take for creating and implementing an inclusion program. You'll learn about classroom set-up, scheduling, roles and responsibilities, entry and exit criteria, data collection, progress monitoring, and more.

Our curriculum includes:

  • Aggression replacement training
  • Skillstreaming of social skills
  • Moral reasoning
  • Social-emotional learning
  • Using community building circles

Using explicit instruction, including modeling, role-playing, guided practice, homework, and continuous changes to engage in these skills, your students are able to significantly improve their interactions and performances at school and life in general.

We also provide ongoing support to the staff and administration, through five onsite / online visits throughout the year.

How we support you:

  • Three days of training for the inclusion support staff, administrators, and district level support staff
  • Aggression replacement training, skillstreaming (social skills), moral reasoning, social-emotional learning, and the use of community building circles
  • Five onsite/online visits by our specialist to observe, coach, and support the implementation throughout the school year