Structured Learning Environment (SLE)

  • 7 Days
  • $5,000

The Structured Learning Environment (SLE) program is part of a multi-tiered, systematic process of support and interventions to meet the needs of all students so they can reach their full potential. Our program is designed for students at the top of tier 3 for behavior supports. This small number of students can be the most difficult to manage because of the severity of their behaviors and the intensive support these students require.

Structured Learning Environment is a self-contained behavior unit designed to provide the structure, intensive skill instruction, support, and safety that these students need in order for them to gain skills to be successful in a less restrictive environment. This program requires a dedicated behavior teacher and at least one paraprofessional. The SLE staff along with administration, counseling, and even district special education support will attend 3 days of training and receive an entire research-based curriculum to address the deficits these students are facing.

The training will cover all of the considerations for creating and implementing a self-contained behavior unit including the classroom set-up, schedule, roles and responsibilities, entry and exit criteria, data collection, progress monitoring and more. One of the key pieces that our program includes is the Prepare curriculum and several other research-based resources. The curriculum includes aggression replacement training, social skills, moral reasoning, social/ emotional skills, community building, belonging, and more.

Through explicit instruction including modeling, role-plays, guided practice, homework and continuous opportunities to engage in these skills, the students are able to significantly improve their interactions and performance at school and life in general. Our staff will also provide ongoing support to the staff and administration with 5 onsite visits throughout the year.

Our team is ready to guide and support you every step of the way.

This service includes:

  • 3 days of training for the SLE staff, administrators, and district level support staff
  • Full and complete curriculum for intensive behavior skills training including: the Prepare Curriculum, aggression replacement training, social skills, moral reasoning, social/ emotional skills, community building, and more
  • 5 onsite/ virtual visits by one of our specialists to observe, coach, and support the implementation throughout the school year