School Business Management Consulting Services

  • Custom Pricing

Behind every successful school is an efficient and effective business office. We work with campus and district leaders to offer up school business management consultations that fit their unique needs.

Whether you're looking for help of an interim business manager, mentor assistance, financial audit preparation, process bank reconciliations, post cash receipts or help with any number of other task your business office routinely takes on, we're here to help.

Areas of school business management that we support:

  • interim business manager
  • business manager mentor assistance
  • financial audit preparation
  • processbank reconciliations
  • post cash receipts
  • Encumber purchase orders
  • Balance funds prior to month closing
  • close files on a monthly basis
  • print end of month reports
  • prepare 1099's at year-end
  • close out the fiscal year.

We'll meet with your district or campus leaders to prepare actual dates of service, discuss unique options, and coordinate with your office for best results.