Turnaround Leadership Profiles through Behavior Event Interviews

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To help your leaders, our specialists utilize a behavior event interview (BEI) process to develop Turnaround Leadership Profiles. These profiles provide a detailed analysis of research-based competencies known to be effective in turnaround settings.

Turnaround Leadership Profiles are available to principals, teacher leaders, and teachers. These profiles can be utilized to support your campus or district with hiring decisions, placement options, or to develop targeted professional development opportunities

How our process works

The Turnaround Leadership Profile process utilizes a specialized interview technique wherein candidates are asked to describe their detailed actions and thinking in past work events. Research indicates that traditional interview techniques rarely uncover competencies that predict future performance success.

Too often, candidates speak in generalities about what they think they should or would do, not about what they actually do at work. Fortunately, it is possible to learn what people actually do through the Behavior Event Interview process. Knowing what candidates have done to achieve success at work is one of the strongest predictors of how they will seek success in the future.