Texas Education Network (TXED) Internet Services

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Every educator knows that the foundation to student success in the 21st century relies on their ability to reliably connect to the outside world.

We offer a wide area network referred to as the Texas Education Network Internet Services (TXED). TXED is built with the unique needs of school districts in mind. We provide more than just direct internet access to your districts. We designed our services to work for school districts, meaning we spend more time dedicated to you and your unique needs.

Services included, but not limited to:

  • high speed dedicated internet access (view Service Terms)
  • multiple upstream carriers/redundant internet access sources
  • network security services (DDOS Mitigation)
  • district firewall management
  • district network edge equipment management and monitoring
  • school technical support
  • web content filtering
  • network monitoring and troubleshooting (minimized downtime)
  • DNS management
  • offsite data storage
  • SPI E-Rate billing upon request