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    Pyramid Model Consortium

    Change can be hard for young children. Kelly Wilson From the Pyramid Model Consortium invites viewers to explore the 5 Big Bang Classroom strategies that can reduce challenging behaviors by up to 80%.

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    Assignment Access Sheet

    Use an assignment access document that details all the different locations (per class) in which assignments and materials are accessed or submitted. The document also includes contact information, as well as login credentials for the various technologies used

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    Jeanine Fitzgerald Video Series

    Certified Human Behavior Specialist Jeanine Fitzgerald discusses how coping becomes a lifestyle for children who are in environments that do not support the optimal development of the brain. In this series she will discuss how to recognize a brain at risk, teach impulse control, and look through a lens of wellness.

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    Preschool Special Education Pyramid Model

    Ron Roybal from the University of Colorado Denver and the Pyramid Model Consortium gives an overview of the three-tiered model of behavior intervention at the Early Childhood level. Ron discusses how supportive environments and responsive relationships are the first response to challenging behavior.

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    Region 13 Foster Care Liaisons

    Contact list of Region 13 Foster Care Liaisons. Foster Care Liaisons facilitate the enrollment in or transfer to a public school or open-enrollment charter school of a child in the district or area served by the charter school who is in the conservatorship of the state.

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    Bilingual/ESL School Board Report Presentation Template

    Each year districts must provide a presentation of their Bilingual/ESL program evaluation to the school board. We have created this template to support districts in meeting this requirement as set forth by §89.1265. This template is a downloadable tool and is solely a suggested template based on the requirements in Chapter 89 and not a required product.

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    Digital Token Board

    Token boards are an essential tool for managing challenging behaviors for students with autism or developmental disabilities. A token board is a system that rewards students with a token when they demonstrate appropriate behavior or complete tasks. Students pick a desired item or activity before starting a task. When the students earns the predetermined number of tokens while doing the task, they get access to that item or activity.

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    Title III Parent Literacy Series

    The following videos are meant to provide school districts with a means for sharing information and tips for parents to support their child’s literacy development. Los siguientes videos proven a cualquier district escolar una manera de comunicar información y consejo a lost padres para que apoyen el desarrollo de la capacidad de leer y escribir par su niño/a.

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    Programs and Services Information for Parents of Spanish Speaking ELs

    The following videos are meant to provide the school district with a means of communicating important information regarding the services they provide Spanish-speaking ELs to their parents, guardians, and other community stakeholders. The videos are in Spanish and can be shown to individuals or in a group setting.

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