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  • Program Support

    Restorative Peer Mediator Program

    Oct. 17


    Restorative Practices focus on repairing harm, encouraging students to take responsibility for their actions and avoid such behavior. Peer Mediation is the process where students voluntarily facilitate these discussions and explore how best to take matters forward peacefully.

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  • Cooperatives

    Multilingual Cooperative



    Professional development opportunities bilingual/ESL workshops, program assistance, access to guest speakers and presentations, program reviews, and audits.

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  • Cooperatives

    Leadership and Character Development Network

    20 days


    This program nurtures positive character traits and personal skills, aligns with the Whole Person Framework, and ensures strong curriculum delivery and student standards for a holistic educational experience.

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  • Service

    The Whole Person Framework

    The Whole Person Framework fosters interconnectedness and unleashes unlimited potential by embracing strengths over deficits, providing comprehensive support from cradle to grave, and synergizing six critical elements for holistic development of all individuals.

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  • Professional Development

    EUREKA Custom Training



    Eureka Math TEKS Edition (K-5) is a High-Quality Instructional Material (HQIM) designed to meet the diverse needs of all students through effective Tier 1 instruction. Our custom trainings are designed to empower teachers with the knowledge and tools necessary to deliver high-quality math instruction, foster conceptual understanding, and promote student engagement and productive struggle.

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  • Professional Development

    AMPLIFY Custom Training



    Amplify Texas Literacy (K-5) is a Science of Reading-based High-Quality Instructional Material (HQIM) program that offers comprehensive training for educators, equipping them with the necessary instructional strategies and best practices for effective implementation, while also providing leader-facing training for administrators and coaches.

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  • Professional Development

    Research-Based Instructional Strategies (RBIS) Custom Training


    Custom Pricing

    Our custom RBIS training program offers intensive and interactive courses tailored to Math or RLA, empowering educators with evidence-based techniques to enhance instructional effectiveness and foster meaningful learning outcomes while providing flexible scheduling options to meet your district's unique needs.

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  • Cooperatives

    Human Resources Co-op



    Experience the enhanced HR Co-Op for the 2023-2024 school year, offering new services, tailored support, and networking opportunities to meet the distinct needs of your district's HR department.

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