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    Digital Token Board

    Token boards are an essential tool for managing challenging behaviors for students with autism or developmental disabilities. A token board is a system that rewards students with a token when they demonstrate appropriate behavior or complete tasks. Students pick a desired item or activity before starting a task. When the students earns the predetermined number of tokens while doing the task, they get access to that item or activity.

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    STAAR Online Features & Supports Checklist

    This checklist can be used to track students’ progress as they familiarize themselves with the features and supports available as part of the STAAR online assessment. Mark the dates of practice and add an X when the student can complete the task proficiently.

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    Life Skills Radio

    Life Skills Radio explores the world of Life Skills education in our schools, communities, and daily lives.

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    SPED Parent Handbook 2019

    The SPED Parent Handbook 2019 helps parents navigate the special education process using facilitation skills and strategies. It follows the Child-Centered Special Education Process, and includes material designed to empower parents to become advocates for their children.

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