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    STAAR Redesign Blueprint Comparisons & Response Rubrics

    Student Assessment publishes blueprints that give insight into how the STAAR tests are constructed. With the STAAR redesign these blueprints have been updated for the Spring 2023 administrations. These documents provide a one page comparison of the Spring 2022

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    Pyramid Model Consortium

    Change can be hard for young children. Kelly Wilson From the Pyramid Model Consortium invites viewers to explore the 5 Big Bang Classroom strategies that can reduce challenging behaviors by up to 80%.

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    Assignment Access Sheet

    Use an assignment access document that details all the different locations (per class) in which assignments and materials are accessed or submitted. The document also includes contact information, as well as login credentials for the various technologies used

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    TEI - STAAR Redesign New Question Types Guidance Document

    Familiarize yourself with each New Question Type through this short and easy to read guidance document. Each new question type has a link to a demonstration video, short description, and lists the subject area and grade level for each item.

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    STAAR Redesign Slide Deck

    This slide deck is designed to help train your staff on the major points of the redesign along with the why for each. Download the slide deck and customize the information for your staff.

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    Jeanine Fitzgerald Video Series

    Certified Human Behavior Specialist Jeanine Fitzgerald discusses how coping becomes a lifestyle for children who are in environments that do not support the optimal development of the brain. In this series she will discuss how to recognize a brain at risk, teach impulse control, and look through a lens of wellness.

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    Preschool Special Education Pyramid Model

    Ron Roybal from the University of Colorado Denver and the Pyramid Model Consortium gives an overview of the three-tiered model of behavior intervention at the Early Childhood level. Ron discusses how supportive environments and responsive relationships are the first response to challenging behavior.

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