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    Team-Building and Theme-Planning Templates

    Back-to-school professional development might be the least exciting idea. When you think of the first week or two of in-service training, it likely makes you think of meetings day after day, hours discussing district initiatives, reviewing campus data, and exh

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    Thank you notes

    A series thanking the teachers who positively impact Region 13 students' lives. We never say it enough, but in this series, we'll say it more, thank you!

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    Superintendent Appraisal Worksheet

    Texas statute requires that the board use the district performance report as a primary consideration in its appraisal of superintendent performance. This worksheet provides an analysis of district student performance based on the district Accountability Reports.

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    On the Plus Side

    On the Plus Side is a podcast dedicated to educators who are authentically finding wisdom, purpose, and happiness every day in their school communities. We intend to celebrate successes large and small by reconnecting every listener with hopeful practices and resources to make these strategies come to life in their school settings.

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    Texas Strategic Staffing

    Texas Strategic Staffing is a two-year program that involves districts and Educator Prep Programs collaborating to create sustainable, paid teacher residency programs funded by reallocating district resources, aiming to address students' learning needs, promote equitable education access, and enhance the effectiveness of Texas teachers through rigorous pre-service practice.

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    Early Childhood Outcomes and Prekindergarten Guidelines Alignment

    Early Childhood Outcomes and Prekindergarten Guidelines Alignment helps design preschool instruction to align with each of the Texas Education Agency’s prekindergarten guidelines to one or more of the three early childhood outcomes.This document connects the d

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    The Practical Principal Blog Series

    The Practical Principal is a monthly series for today’s school leaders. We cover various relevant topics and provide actionable tips straight from experts in the field. Be sure to check back for more helpful resources!

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    Drinking from the Firehose: A Podcast for School Leaders

    As a campus leader, it can feel like you’re drinking from a firehose with all the information and tasks that are thrown your way. So how do you manage it all AND help students grow? That’s what this podcast answers through discussions with campus leaders and experts in education.

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    Parent Migrant Employment Survey

    The USDE Office of Migrant Education provides academic and support services to children of families who migrate for work in the agricultural or fishing industries. This 5-minute Migrant Education Program Survey can help identify eligibility and connect families with needed services.

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