TIL: Observation and Feedback

  • 9-12 months
  • $19,775+

Observation and Feedback guide administrators in developing strong systems for regular teacher observation and timely feedback. Ultimately, teacher observation shifts away from evaluation and towards targeted development. This program is recommended for Year 2 of Texas Instructional Leadership (TIL) training.

TIL Implementation requires campus and district leads. Please reach out to those leads if you’re in a different role.

How Does Observation and Feedback Work?

As part of TIL, Observation and Feedback offer three pillars of support: face-to-face professional development, implementation support, and coaching. ESC Region 13’s TIL team builds skills and abilities in principal supervisors and principals in guiding effective instructional practices in every classroom.

Leaders learn to apply a framework of best instructional practices along with clear coaching protocols to lead effective observation and feedback meetings.

Note: Lesson Alignment and Formative Assessment (LAFA) and/or Schoolwide Culture Routines (SCR) are highly encouraged prerequisites to Observation and Feedback. The Get Better Faster Scope and Sequence used in training and implementation develops essential routines and procedures, and writes and internalizes lesson plans, specifically aligned with content from LAFA and SCR.