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FlipLok is a leading provider of standardized active threat safety tools. Our commercial lock is ADA-approved, anodized, and mechanically engineered to endure forces of over 2,100 lbs. What sets us apart is the simplicity and speed of our FlipLok solution. By simply flipping the latch, our lock swiftly secures the door in seconds, ensuring immediate protection when time is critical. Our locks are designed in attention-grabbing red color with white letters, serving as a clear indication of a locked door and a reminder to call 911 in emergencies. We offer a unique unlocking system that can be used by emergency personnel or administrators in the event of an emergency or a need to access the room from the outside. Moreover, we back all our products with a lifetime warranty on all parts, ensuring your utmost satisfaction. FlipLok also provides 3M ULTRA 800 security film to fulfill safety requirements better. This film is designed to bind shattered glass fragments and avoid any potential injury or property destruction. They integrate FlipLok’s products with existing security systems and provide a unified and efficient security infrastructure.

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2022-116 Safety Equipment, Supplies & Services

  • Contract #: P-FY24-4
  • End Date: August 31, 2024 (This Contract may be extended for up to three (3) additional one‐year terms)

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