Safety Equipment, Supplies, and Services

Ensure safety on your campuses.

In an effort to ensure safety on campuses across Texas, ESC Region 13 is offering Safety Equipment, Supplies, & Services to members who qualify under GOV 791.

    The following is a list of offered Equipment, Supplies, and Services.

    • Active Shooter Alarm Systems
    • Armed Security
    • Bulletproof glass
    • Camera Systems
    • Door-locking Systems
    • Drones
    • Gunshot Detection Systems
    • License Plate Reader (LPR)
    • Metal Detectors at School Entrances
    • Perimeter Security Fencing
    • Perimeter Security Systems
    • Security Systems
    • Security Technology Using Artificial Intelligence
    • Shatter and Abrasion resistant safety film
    • Silent Panic Alert Technology
    • Two-way Radio Systems
    • Video Analysis

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