Leadership Coaching

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According to Reeves (2015), “Effective leadership has a profound and direct impact on student achievement.” That's why Strong School Leadership and Planning is the first Prioritized Lever of the Effective Schools Framework.

Leadership Coaching focuses on the leader’s needs, creates a structured and trusted partnership for leaders in their fast-paced, decision-making roles, and increases their knowledge, skills, mindset, and competencies.

The campus leader and coach work together by identifying and leveraging the leader’s strengths gained from self-assessment, prioritizing work by defining focused goals, planning and designing purposeful action steps, and engaging in reflective conversations.

The confidential, one-on-one relationships develop the leadership competencies of principals and assistant principals to reach their goals!

Our ESC Region 13 Coaches support leaders in everything from just-in-time decision making to long-range planning.

How it works:

You and your coach design a customized schedule to best meet your needs. During coaching sessions, our coaches utilize a coaching process to best assist you during your session to include such things as: thinking carefully about goals, clarifying plans, navigating critical conversations, creating action steps, monitoring your progress toward your goals, as well as reflecting on the effectiveness of your overall leadership and impact to improving school performance.

R13 Leadership Coaches provide focused and personalized coaching for a leader. Each coaching cycle includes three - 3 hour face-to-face, job-embedded leadership coaching visits and two - 1 hour virtual leadership coaching support sessions.

Region 13 Leadership Coaching Process

Leadership Coaching Process Graphic

Stages of the Leadership Coaching process:

  1. Beginning
    1. Establish Connection (Initial)
    2. Build Rapport (Initial)
    3. Set Goals & Action Steps
  2. During
    1. Support the Implementation of Action Steps
    2. Review the Impact
    3. Adjust Action if needed OR move to New Goal
    4. Repeat Process as needed
  3. Ending
    1. Reflect and provide feedback to Coach & Program