Autism/Developmental Disabilities Specialists: Program Support

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Supporting all of our students with autism and developmental disabilities across our region is one of our critical goals. We bring qualified specialists to your districts and campuses to help with increasing academic, behavior, communication, and social skills goals and provide support in teaching students with developmental disabilities and autism.

We provide autism services for administrators, special education teachers, general education teachers, and paraeducators in classroom design, implementation of IEP goals, accommodations, modifications, data collection and reporting, and meeting the varied and perhaps complex needs of your students. We give districts the knowledge and skills of autism and life skills specialists without incurring the costs of a full-time specialist position.

Our specialists help your campuses or districts in program planning and support of autism services and other developmental disabilities, whether it is through classroom setup and environmental supports, or through on-site professional development on topics unique to your campus. We provide support in teaching students with developmental disabilities and autism through classroom observations, debriefing, intervention recommendations, coaching, and follow-up support.