Technology Support Service

  • Yearly
  • $4,000+


School districts and campuses rely on technology to ensure the success of all students and staff members. Our school IT systems support team provides free and premium support options so your campus technology is always working.

Our Standard Support

Our standard school IT systems support includes troubleshooting for problems that cause internet access for districts. We help with network edge, web filtering, DNS servers, and network connectivity problems. We’ll also work to answer and advise on basic questions related to technical support.

Our Priority Technical Support

Designed for districts that regularly need an IT professional’s attention, our priority technical support helps with project planning, server or internal network troubleshooting, maintenance and configuration, internal wireless configuration, desktop support for Windows, and enhanced monitoring of critical district servers/services.

E-Rate Eligible Support Service

Many of our technical support services are eligible for the E-Rate Reimbursement as a Category 2 service of “Basic Maintenance of Internal Connections.”

Ensure that your campus technology is always working.


The pricing bands below represent the Standard Support offering. Additional charges apply for Priority Technical Support and hourly support rates.

Starting Prices:

  • Up to 250 Students: $4,000
  • 251 – 500 Students: $5,500
  • 501 – 1000 Students: $9,000
  • 1001 – 1500 Students: $15,000
  • Greater than 1500 Students: $20,000