TIL: Materials Internalization and Alignment

  • 9-12 months
  • $19,775+

The purpose of the TIL Materials Internalization and Alignment (MIA) is to build the capacity of school leaders to invest and coach teachers in the effective internalization of HQIM (High Quality Instructional Materials) units and lessons.

How Does Materials Internalization and Alignment Work?

As a component of TIL, MIA offers three pillars of support: face-to-face professional development, implementation support, and coaching. ESC Region 13’s TIL team builds skills and abilities in principal supervisors and principals to lead this professional development on their campuses.

Across five sessions, leaders will learn what the research says about the importance of using HQIM and establishing strong internalization practices, how to effectively internalize units and lessons in ELAR, Math, and Foundational Reading Skills, as well as how to create the conditions for a success for a strong implementation and support of teachers.