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Our values; our principals; our drive to provide our customers with the best service possible; our passion for education and respect for educators; our expertise and knowledge of school settings; lesson delivery, technology, and how it all works together -- This is what sets Visual Techniques, Inc. (VTI) apart in the Technology and Audio Visual educational marketplace.

Whether schools are needing a replacement bulb for a projector or a fully automated and programmed control system, we understand the urgency and importance in all solutions we provide. VTI will be there every step of the way. From consulting on initial designs to training and service after installation, we want to be the knowledge base you rely on for making decisions best for your educational setting.

Our team consisting of former educators, instructional technologists, principals and educational leaders, technology experts, designers, technicians, and programmers all work to support the current needs in education.

VTI offers a wide range of products including access control systems, security cameras, projectors, screens, sound systems, webcams, AV carts, laminators and laminating film, Interactive Flat Panels, vape sensors, temperature scanners, control systems, document cameras, and much more. Our consultations help in designing solutions that align with district goals and school needs. Ensuring those needs are met after the deployment is of utmost importance which is why we offer training for all products we provide.

Technology changes. It always will. But what doesn't change is our commitment to our values upon which VTI was built.

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2022-116 Safety Equipment, Supplies & Services

  • Contract #: P-FY24-14
  • End Date: August 31, 2024 (This Contract may be extended for up to three (3) additional one‐year) terms.

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