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Axon manufactures and distributes de-escalation tools and technologies including TASER brand energy weapons and Axon VR Training; Axon cameras and sensors, including body cameras (Axon Body 3, 4 and Axon Flex 2), in-car video solutions (Axon Fleet 2 and Axon Fleet 3), drones (Axon Air), and wireless activation technology (Axon Signal); digital evidence management solutions (Axon Evidence, Axon Performance, Axon Citizen, Axon Auto-Transcribe, and mobile applications Axon View and Axon Capture); productivity software including Axon Records (RMS) and Axon Standards (Use of Force module of Records); and real-time operations solutions including Axon Respond (CAD) and Axon Respond for Devices.

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2022-116 Safety Equipment, Supplies & Services

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  • End Date: August 31, 2024 (This Contract may be extended for up to three (3) additional one‐year terms)

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