Contract LSSP/Educational Diagnostician Evaluation Service

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Our seasoned Licensed Specialist in School Psychologists (LSSP) offer a variety of contract evaluation services and supports to help districts through the special education evaluation process. To help accommodate for shortages in evaluation staff, we provide assessments for all areas of disability under IDEA, with the exception of Deaf-Blindness, Deaf or Hard of Hearing, and Visual Impairment. In addition to psychoeducational evaluations, we are also trained to conduct neuropsychological evaluations and functional behavioral assessments. Additionally, if you have LSSP trainees but your staff is unable to provide supervision, we are available for LSSP contract supervision supports.

Contract evaluation services include:

  • IDEA special education evaluations (full and individual evaluation and reevaluation)
  • neuropsychological evaluation
  • Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA), subsequent Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP)
  • Dyslexia evaluation
  • Potentially litigious evaluations, of any sort

Additional services include:

  • FBA/BIP consultation and training
  • LSSP practicum support and trainee supervision