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  • Spreadsheet

    Superintendent Appraisal Worksheet

    Texas statute requires that the board use the district performance report as a primary consideration in its appraisal of superintendent performance. This worksheet provides an analysis of district student performance based on the district Accountability Reports.

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  • Resource

    Lowest Performing Group Template

    Access the free downloadable template to help identify the two lowest-performing federal racial/ethnic student groups for proactive measures to improve their performance.

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    Proportional Weighting Methodology Template

    Access the Region 13 District Proportional Weighting Methodology Template to easily calculate your district's proportional weighting by domain and improve your understanding of the new accountability system.

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  • Powerpoint

    School Board Accountability Training Update Template

    Use this presentation template to present your 2022 district accountability data to your School Board. The max presentation time is 30 minutes, but can be adjusted to fit the time available for each district. This presentation contains slides for explaining

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  • Powerpoint

    Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR)

    This TAPR PowerPoint presentation template has been designed for both campus and district use. The template provides districts with a platform to easily convey the data reported in your TAPR

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    CCMR Tracking Sheet

    A free excel spreadsheet you can use to monitor the achievements of your students by cohort and track your CCMR indicators for Accountability purposes

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  • Video

    Accountability in the Field

    Learn from principals, educators, specialists, and campus leaders throughout Texas on how they're improving Accountability on their campuses.

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