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    Business Management Cooperative

    Custom Dates


    Join our Business Management Cooperative today and gain access to critical issue luncheon sessions, annual investment officer training, and consultation for your school district's administrative team, including CFOs, business managers, and superintendents, with approved TASBO and CPA continuing education credit. Sign up now!

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    Business Managers Academy

    Custom Dates


    Level up your skills with our Business Managers Academy and gain access to workshop sessions designed for school district's business managers, office personnel, superintendents, and other administrative team members.

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  • School Operations

    Payroll Academy

    Custom Dates


    The Payroll Academy provides a minimum of eight hands-on six-hour workshop sessions for school district’s payroll specialist. District business office personnel teams are encouraged. The first portion of the sessions will include a discussion of tasks or topics that the members are handling or will need to be handled during the following month. The remainder of the workshop will include direct assistance with current payroll tasks. Sessions are computer-based and require attendees to have web-based connectivity to their district's financial software.

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    Payroll Support

    Custom Dates


    Our payroll specialists work with district and campus business offices to provide accounting services that are efficient, effective, and in full compliance with all state and federal requirements.

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    Coaching Classroom Management

    Custom Dates


    A classroom management system is crucial to supporting the academic achievement of our students. We know that teachers who spend less time dealing with disruptions are able to spend more time engaged in the business of teaching. With our coaching classroom management service, we will provide direct support to teachers in improving their classroom management system and techniques.

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    Commitment Forms

    Custom Pricing

    Annual service contracts (aka commitments) to districts via the Contracks+ system. Our service offerings are visible in this system year-round and revised every spring in time for districts to plan their budgets for the upcoming school year.

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    Child Nutrition: Program Support


    Our Child Nutrition Programs (CNP) team provides training and comprehensive program support to local Contracting Entities (CEs) in the operation and administration of Food and Nutrition Programs under the direction of the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). We assist your team of nutrition professionals with regulations compliance, streamlining operations, and culinary training.

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    Air Filtration

    In the continued fight against COVID-19, ESC Region 13 is offering Air Filtration Systems to Local Education Agencies (LEAs) and Private Schools to protect staff, students, and campus visitors. Air filtration reduces learning loss, increases attendance, and im

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    School Board Training

    Custom Dates

    We work with your school board members to offer up custom school board training that satisfies this requirement and is open to any interested party, including current and prospective board members.

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