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  • Professional Development

    Student Learning Objective (SLO) Training

    July 25-26, 2024


    The Student Learning Objective (SLO) training is for districts considering or in the process of implementing SLO's as a student growth measure. The SLO training is appropriate for districts that are participating in the Teacher Incentive Allotment process.

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  • Program Support

    New Generation System (NGS) Training and Support



    Training and support in NGS to enable educators to efficiently record and access demographic, educational, and health data, ensuring accurate student profiles. With NGS, educators can generate student transfer documents for seamless academic placement and leverage comprehensive reports and analytics for data-driven decision-making. Maximize the potential of NGS and enhance student outcomes through our comprehensive training and support services.

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  • Service

    Comprehensive Support and Training for ESSA Title I, Part C MEP-Independent Project Districts



    Comprehensive support and training to school districts participating in the ESSA Title I, Part C MEP-Independent Project. With a focus on continuous improvement, coordination of community resources, and effective family engagement, we provide the knowledge and tools necessary to meet the unique educational needs of migratory students. From navigating the Continuous Improvement Cycle (CIC) to conducting Identification and Recruitment (ID&R) training, our expert team is dedicated to ensuring your program operates excellently and achieves its goals.

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  • Service

    Non-Instructional Support for Migrant Students and Parents



    Coordinates and provides non-academic supplemental support, empower parents through training, and offers essential information on post-secondary and high school equivalency programs to ensure the success and well-being of migratory students.

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  • School Operations

    Payroll Support

    Custom Dates


    Our payroll specialists work with district and campus business offices to provide accounting services that are efficient, effective, and in full compliance with all state and federal requirements.

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  • School Operations

    TXED Virtual Hosting



    TXED offers a virtual hosting platform. This service will establish a VPN connection between your ISD and a partition within our virtual environment. Servers can be customized based on needs and requirements. Base specifications for servers are 2-vCPU, 4gb RAM, and a 120gb drive allotment.

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  • School Operations

    TXED DNS Hosting



    TXED offers Primary and Secondary DNS hosting for “off-net” districts for a nominal fee. Our current DNS servers are located in Austin and in Dallas.

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  • School Operations

    Air Filtration

    In the continued fight against COVID-19, ESC Region 13 is offering Air Filtration Systems to Local Education Agencies (LEAs) and Private Schools to protect staff, students, and campus visitors. Air filtration reduces learning loss, increases attendance, and im

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  • Service

    DMAC Suite Subscription

    Sept 1 - Aug 31


    Data Management for Assessment and Curriculum (DMAC) supplies Texas educators with the tools and services necessary to develop and improve the quality of education provided to students.

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