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  • School Operations

    Superintendent of the Year

    Explore the educational accolades in ESC Region 13 and the state of Texas. TASB's Superintendent of the Year Program recognizes outstanding educational leaders since 1984.

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  • Program Support

    Restorative Peer Mediator Program

    Jan. 10


    Restorative Practices focus on repairing harm, encouraging students to take responsibility for their actions and avoid such behavior. Peer Mediation is the process where students voluntarily facilitate these discussions and explore how best to take matters forward peacefully.

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  • Cooperatives

    Leadership and Character Development Network

    20 days


    This program nurtures positive character traits and personal skills, aligns with the Whole Person Framework, and ensures strong curriculum delivery and student standards for a holistic educational experience.

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  • Service

    The Whole Person Framework

    The Whole Person Framework fosters interconnectedness and unleashes unlimited potential by embracing strengths over deficits, providing comprehensive support from cradle to grave, and synergizing six critical elements for holistic development of all individuals.

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  • Service

    Texas Principal Certification Network


    We are preparing future leaders to meet the constantly evolving challenges schools face. Join us for our January Cohort launch! Applications are due by May 5, 2024

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  • School Operations

    EGrant Training and Support



    Training and support for Independent Project Districts to ensure that districts comply with federal regulations related to migratory students, including support for the ESSA Consolidated Application and Compliance Report, consultation for validations, and ongoing support for LEAs reporting noncompliance.

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  • Service

    Texas Principal Certification Testing Only

    This service is offered to candidates classified as a "finisher" from a previous program because they have completed all program requirements with the exception of passing the TExES (268) and/or PASL (368).

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  • School Operations

    TXED Virtual Hosting



    TXED offers a virtual hosting platform. This service will establish a VPN connection between your ISD and a partition within our virtual environment. Servers can be customized based on needs and requirements. Base specifications for servers are 2-vCPU, 4gb RAM, and a 120gb drive allotment.

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  • School Operations

    TXED DNS Hosting



    TXED offers Primary and Secondary DNS hosting for “off-net” districts for a nominal fee. Our current DNS servers are located in Austin and in Dallas.

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  • School Operations

    Air Filtration

    In the continued fight against COVID-19, ESC Region 13 is offering Air Filtration Systems to Local Education Agencies (LEAs) and Private Schools to protect staff, students, and campus visitors. Air filtration reduces learning loss, increases attendance, and im

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