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    Texas Transition

    Building infrastructures to equip all students with disabilities to be actively involved in meeting their transition goals from early childhood through high school graduation and post-secondary readiness.

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    Texas Sensory Support Network

    The Texas Sensory Support Network will ensure the provision of support to infants, toddlers, children, and youth with sensory impairments, their families, and the professionals who serve them.

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    Child Find, Evaluation, and ARD Supports Network

    The responsibility of the Child Find, Evaluation, and ARD Supports Network is to ensure all children with disabilities are located, evaluated, identified, and that free appropriate public education (FAPE) is made available.

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    Parent Companion

    A guide for Texas parents and caregivers of children with diagnosed or suspected disabilities from birth through 5 years of age.

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    Accommodation Central

    We want all of our students to learn and succeed. With the appropriate, successfully implemented accommodations, students can reach their fullest potential. However, finding current information about accommodations can be challenging, confusing, and complicated. Our mission is to provide everything you need in one place: accommodations that support student learning, relevant examples, steps for implementation, practical tips, and details about state testing allowability.

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    STEM Activities Choice Boards

    Teachers, parents, families, and home guardians all play a critical role in STEM career exploration. Everyday activities, tasks, and objects allow for home-based learning experiences that can connect student interests, everyday activities, and curiosities to STEM education.

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