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  • Program Support

    The S.E.E. Center at ESC Region 13

    The S.E.E. Center at ESC Region 13 provides quality training and support for those who want to learn or improve their Signing Exact English skills. We also offer ESSE training and testing for state certification of Educational Interpreters.

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  • Professional Development

    New Counselor Institute



    ESC Region 13’s New Counselor Institute (NCI) is a place where participants can seek guidance while collaborating and networking with other new counselors in the region.

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  • Service

    Student Attendance Network



    A series of Networking opportunities for district staff working with Drop-Out Prevention, Truancy, and attendance monitoring for the upcoming school year. Region 13 will be hosting these networking opportunities for staff to connect and exchange ideas and best practices related to issues with attendance.

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  • Service

    Vision, Mission, Values Creation

    Custom Dates


    Support for the creation of your campus or district vision, mission, goals, and values that fulfill the success criteria of ESF 3.1.

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  • Service

    Climate Survey

    Custom Dates


    A district or campus culture has a direct impact on student and staff performance. ESC Region 13 provides a powerful tool to better understand the perceptions and experiences of students, staff, and families.

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  • Cooperatives

    Discovery Education: Your Daily Learning Platform

    Custom Pricing

    Over 200,000 high-quality, developmentally appropriate, and TEKS-aligned resources to give your educators everything they need to facilitate instruction and create a lasting educational impact in any learning environment.

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  • Service

    TAPR Presentation Build (Service + Consult)

    Custom Dates


    The TAPR Presentation Build offers the service of preparing your district or campus's TAPR presentation, saving days of valuable time and effort. The prepared presentation includes a ready-made PowerPoint that serves as a platform to easily convey the data reported in your TAPR.

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  • Service

    Event Space

    Custom Dates


    Region 13 offers a variety of spaces to rent for big and small events. Our event spaces are equipped with the latest technology and visitors have access to our amenities, including an on-site cafe and coffee stations.

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  • Grant Management

    High Impact Tutoring

    The ESC Region 13 High Impact Tutoring Program provides COVID-19 learning recovery solutions that support acceleration. We aim to be your first call for high-quality resources, tools, training, and implementation support.

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