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    Early Childhood Instructional Coaching Services

    *Our early childhood coaching support meets the requirements outlined in HB 3’s high quality Pre-K requirements for teacher qualifications. Instructional coaches work one-on-one with early childhood teachers, providing guidance, training, and other resourc

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    Learning After COVID: Priority Planning


    Our Learning and Leading After COVID service will help leaders design and implement a post-pandemic plan. It's based on Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond’s “ten priorities” and John Hattie's “high-leverage” indicators on proven points of evidence to accelerate learning and close learning gaps.

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    ESF Diagnostic Process


    The ESF Diagnostic Process is a collaborative approach to school improvement that changes the conversation from products and quick fixes to strategic key practices and long-term solutions.

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    1 day


    Texas Principal Evaluation and Support System (T-PESS) is the Commissioner recommended principal evaluation system for the state of Texas. This system assesses the principal’s performance in relation to the Texas Principal Standards.

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    Custom Pricing

    A school makerspace is where students come together to build, tinker, explore, and invent. Makerspaces create lasting meaning, foster innovation, and make a positive impact.

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    Texas Principal Certification

    Preparing future leaders to meet the constantly evolving challenges faced by schools. Join us for our October Cohort launch! Applications are due by Sep 23, 2022.

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    ELAR Leadership Forum

    Two times a year


    Our ELAR Leadership Forums provide opportunities for Curriculum Directors, Coordinators, and Specialists across Region 13 to network and stay updated on the latest news from the Texas Education Agency.

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