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    Afterschool Programs


    The ACE 21st Century Community Learning Center (CCLC) program provides academic enrichment and activities to help students meet challenging state standards.

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    Bilingual/ESL Cooperative

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    $5,000 - $10,000

    Our bilingual and English as a second language learners need additional support throughout their academic journey. Our bilingual/ESL cooperative for districts improves the quality of instruction provided to bilingual and ESL learners by enhancing the work of teaching staff, administrators, parent liaisons, and other crucial staff members.

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  • Cooperatives

    Homeless Education Cooperative

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    Our Homeless Education Cooperative meets several times during the year. Homeless liaisons, administrators, counselors, and other interested school staff have the opportunity to learn more about critical topics related to homelessness and network with each other.

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  • Professional Development

    Sheltered Instruction

    Regardless of your program model, Sheltered Instruction is a necessary element to any strong program developed for English learners. With helpful strategies and student scenarios, we can cover any or all of the components of Sheltered Instruction to fit your campus needs.

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  • Program Support

    Newcomer Support


    English learners who are new to the country often need specialized support through newcomer programs to help them acquire and understand the English language while they adjust socially and culturally to their new environment.

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  • Program Support

    English Learner Program Support: Compliance and Enhancement


    Supporting all of our multilingual students in bilingual and ESL programs across the region is one of our primary goals, and that starts with supporting you with your programs. The foundation of this support begins with the LPAC and Title III requirements that are set by the state and federal guidelines.

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  • Program Support

    Development of District CTE Strategic Plan

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    Strategic plans are crucial parts of a district or campus' success plans. Our career and technical education specialists work with your district to develop a comprehensive CTE strategic plan, complete with clear mission, vision statement, timelines for strategy implementation and progress monitoring.

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