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    Learning After COVID: Priority Planning


    Our Learning and Leading After COVID service will help leaders design and implement a post-pandemic plan. It's based on Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond’s “ten priorities” and John Hattie's “high-leverage” indicators on proven points of evidence to accelerate learning and close learning gaps.

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    Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) Consultation for Individual Districts


    We're equipped to help our districts navigate the process of developing their Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) plans. Our staff is prepared to facilitate the steps necessary to provide districts with the support they need to submit a successful TIA application to TEA.

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    ESF Diagnostic Process


    The ESF Diagnostic Process is a collaborative approach to school improvement that changes the conversation from products and quick fixes to strategic key practices and long-term solutions.

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    TExES Superintendent (195) Practice Test

    Custom Dates


    Prepare for your superintendent exam with our 5-hour TExES Superintendent (195) Practice Test in a mock testing environment. You'll also receive exam results analysis by competency and suggested next steps.

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    Superintendent Search


    Selecting a superintendent is a critical responsibility of a local school board. We are committed to facilitating the extensive selection process—from needs assessment to sustained support—to help you find your perfect candidate.

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    Texas Principal Certification

    15 months

    Preparing future leaders to meet the constantly evolving challenges faced by schools. Join us for our October Cohort launch! Applications are due by Sep 23, 2022.

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    Social Studies Leadership Forum

    4 days


    Our Social Studies Leadership Forums provide opportunities for Curriculum Directors, Coordinators, and Specialists across Region 13 to network and stay updated on the latest news from the Texas Education Agency. We meet two times a year at ESC Region 13 for a half-day to share ideas and capitalize on our collective knowledge and experience. These meetings are highly collaborative, participant-driven, and are at no cost to our clients.

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    Rural School Leadership Network



    Our Rural School Leadership Network (RSLN) fosters collaboration and provide opportunities to share challenges, strengths, and resources among peers.

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