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    School Board Training

    Custom Dates

    $50 - $60

    We work with your school board members to offer up custom school board training that satisfies this requirement and is open to any interested party, including current and prospective board members.

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  • School Operations

    Multi-Regional Library System/TREC


    We work with ESC Region 11 to act as a reseller for their TREC program which provides data automation systems for member schools and delivers an economical alternative to schools looking for data migration or conversion.

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  • Networks and Cooperatives

    School Counselor Cooperative


    Custom Pricing

    Our Counselor Support Services Cooperative provides districts and campuses with the latest state-level information, targeted professional development through school counseling workshops, and individualized support services to meet their unique needs.

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  • Professional Development

    Facilitated STEM Camps

    Custom Dates


    STEM Camps help your students or staff have STEM experiences that build content knowledge while they learn to implement 21st century skills like critical thinking, collaboration, problem-solving, and communication.

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  • Coaching

    Evidence Based Practices in the Early Childhood Classroom Coaching

    Custom Dates


    Creating a high quality early childhood classroom requires using strategies backed by strong evidence and research. Evidence based practices are those research-based, high leverage, strategies that can take a teaching practice from good to great when used correctly and consistently.

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  • Program Support

    Accountability Measures Assistance: CTE


    Our CTE specialists understand the Results Driven Accountability system and collaborate with campuses and districts, providing strategies and assistance to improve student performance on STAAR for any districts involved in any level of intervention.

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  • Program Support

    CTE Support Services

    Custom Dates


    Career and Technology Education is a vital part of any school's infrastructure and academic offerings. In CTE classes, students get hands on experience with industry leading careers, boosting their knowledge and preparing them for their futures.

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