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  • School Operations

    Charter School Records Request

    Custom Dates


    We operate as a custodian of records for closed public charter schools throughout Texas. We manage student and personnel records from the following schools: 21st Century Academy of Science & Technology Corpus ChristiAcademy of Careers and TechnologiesAlpha Ch

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  • Program Support

    Strategic Planning

    1 year


    The school district strategic planning process empowers stakeholders, like parents, students, district employees, city officials, business partners, and more, to collaboratively shape the future of their school district. Through this process, your district and community become partners in creating a 3-5 year plan to improve or enhance your school district. This shared sense of ownership enables your district to overcome obstacles and discover new possibilities for students.

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  • Coaching

    Leadership Coaching

    Custom Dates

    Our Leadership Coaching process creates a structured and trusted partnership to provide coaching for leaders in their fast-paced, decision-making roles.

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  • Program Support

    TIL: Observation and Feedback

    9-12 months


    Action Coaching/Observation Feedback is a targeted professional development that guides administrators to develop strong systems for regular observation of teachers and timely feedback.

    View Program Support Details: TIL: Observation and Feedback
  • Program Support

    TIL: Schoolwide Culture Routines

    9-12 months


    Schoolwide Culture Routines is a professional development that guides campus leaders in developing a culture of student achievement and high expectations. Leaders will learn how to plan, implement, and monitor school-wide routines and procedures that ensure a consistent and supportive learning environment for all.

    View Program Support Details: TIL: Schoolwide Culture Routines
  • Program Support

    TIL: Lesson Alignment and Formative Assessment

    9-12 months


    Lesson Alignment and Formative Assessment is professional development that teaches campus administrators how to support and coach teachers towards developing strong, TEKS-aligned lesson plans and rigorous formative assessments.

    View Program Support Details: TIL: Lesson Alignment and Formative Assessment
  • Program Support

    TIL: Data-Driven Instruction

    9-12 months


    Data-Driven Instruction (DDI) is a highly effective, research-based training that guides district and campus leaders to lead effective data meetings with their campus teams.

    View Program Support Details: TIL: Data-Driven Instruction
  • Service

    School Board Training

    Custom Dates

    We work with your school board members to offer up custom school board training that satisfies this requirement and is open to any interested party, including current and prospective board members.

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  • Coaching

    MakerHappen: Coaching


    Whether you currently have a Makerspace on your campus or you are looking to create one, our coaches can help. Our coaches are always non-evaluative and take a partnership approach to coaching. We will come to your campus ready to provide specialized coaching

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  • Cooperatives

    McKinney-Vento (Homeless) COOP

    Custom Dates


    Our Homeless Education Cooperative meets several times during the year. Homeless liaisons, administrators, counselors, and other interested school staff have the opportunity to learn more about critical topics related to homelessness and network with each other.

    View Cooperatives Details: McKinney-Vento (Homeless) COOP
  • Professional Development

    Behavior Coach Endorsement Program



    The Behavior Coach Endorsement Program is a yearlong, 240-hour training program for administrators, counselors, teachers, and paraprofessionals who wish to become behavior specialists. The program is designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively support students with challenging behaviors.

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