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    Early Childhood Instructional Coaching Services

    *Our early childhood coaching support meets the requirements outlined in HB 3’s high quality Pre-K requirements for teacher qualifications. Instructional coaches work one-on-one with early childhood teachers, providing guidance, training, and other resourc

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    Learning After COVID: Priority Planning


    Our Learning and Leading After COVID service will help leaders design and implement a post-pandemic plan. It's based on Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond’s “ten priorities” and John Hattie's “high-leverage” indicators on proven points of evidence to accelerate learning and close learning gaps.

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    Custom Pricing

    A school makerspace is where students come together to build, tinker, explore, and invent. Makerspaces create lasting meaning, foster innovation, and make a positive impact.

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    Texas Principal Certification

    We are preparing future leaders to meet the constantly evolving challenges schools face. Join us for our June Cohort launch! Applications are due by May 5, 2023.

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    TEKS Resource System - Curriculum


    Our TEKS Resource System helps you by creating a comprehensive, customizable, curriculum and assessment management system. We offer TEKS-aligned curriculum, resources, and assessment items for each of the core subject areas and bilingual for one flat yearly price.

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    Bilingual/ESL Cooperative

    Custom Dates

    $5,000 - $10,000

    Our bilingual and English as a second language learners need additional support throughout their academic journey. Our bilingual/ESL cooperative for districts improves the quality of instruction provided to bilingual and ESL learners by enhancing the work of teaching staff, administrators, parent liaisons, and other crucial staff members.

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    Instructional Coaching: Consultation

    Custom Pricing

    We support our clients with meeting district and campus academic goals through our educational consulting services. We partner with stakeholders to analyze quantitative and qualitative data to determine a focus for services, and we collaborate to create a plan with action steps and support.

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