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    TAPR Presentation Build (Service + Consult)

    Custom Dates


    The TAPR Presentation Build offers the service of preparing your district or campus's TAPR presentation, saving days of valuable time and effort. The prepared presentation includes a ready-made PowerPoint that serves as a platform to easily convey the data reported in your TAPR.

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    MTSS Coach Endorsement Program


    The MTSS Coach Endorsement Program is a semester-long program to learn more about leading others in your school and in your district through designing a robust Multi-Tiered System of Support for the success of all learners.

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    Commitment Forms

    Custom Pricing

    Annual service contracts (aka commitments) to districts via the Contracks+ system. Our service offerings are visible in this system year-round and revised every spring in time for districts to plan their budgets for the upcoming school year.

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    Texas Educator Excellence Management System


    TEEMS is a user-friendly, web-based data system that provides school districts with the opportunity to recruit, identify, incentivize, and retain effective educators through data-driven decisions.

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    Secondary Transition Consultation Services


    Supporting students with disabilities across our region in defining their vision for adult life and learning the skills needed to meet their post-secondary goals is a critical focus of our work.

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    1 day


    Texas Principal Evaluation and Support System (T-PESS) is the Commissioner recommended principal evaluation system for the state of Texas. This system assesses the principal’s performance in relation to the Texas Principal Standards.

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    3 days


    Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS) is the Commissioner recommended teacher evaluation system for the state of Texas. It’s a system designed by educators to support teachers in their professional growth and includes a goal-setting and professional development plan, an evaluation cycle, and a student growth measure.

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    Paraprofessional Certification

    3 days


    This three day certification training instructs you on the role of paraprofessionals, the stages of learning, and scientifically based strategies for paraprofessionals to assist in reading, writing, and math instruction.

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  • Networks and Cooperatives

    Transition Network



    The Transition Network provides a system of communication and collaboration for districts and charter schools in Region 13 to support best practices in transition services and planning.

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    TEKS Resource System - Curriculum


    Our TEKS Resource System helps you by creating a comprehensive, customizable, curriculum and assessment management system. We offer TEKS-aligned curriculum, resources, and assessment items for each of the core subject areas and bilingual for one flat yearly price.

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  • Program Support

    Ready, Set, K!


    Ready, Set, K! (RSK) is a developmentally appropriate tool for Pre-K teachers providing benchmark assessments and instructional strategies based on the Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines from TEA, TEKS, and the best available research.

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